Materials used in bathroom furniture production:

  • medium density fibreboards (MDF) of various colors for production of facade elements;
  • moisture - resistant (impregnated) laminated boards for production of the body elements;
  • polyurethane paints, that  provide strong chemical, mechanical resistance and longevity of the color;
  • thin melamine edging strips, PVC, ABS for the treatment of all open edges of the boards in order to prevent  the board from moisture penetration into it;
  • „rust-proof“, moisture-resistant mirrors;
  •  high quality furniture fittings.

Materials used in ceramic washbasin production:

  • high quality clay mixture produced according to individual order in Germany. High quality of clay mixture ensures products' longevity and strength;
  • high quality glaze.

All these elements ensure our bathroom furniture' and ceramic washbasins' high quality, practicality and longevity.

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